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Volunteer with NwSG

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Every screenplay is a single person away from becoming a viable film or TV project. NwSG Volunteers function on the social edge of the organization, facilitating everything from social events to workshops to shuttling VIPs around town.

Areas of need

  • Events coordinator(s)
  • Fundraising
  • Digital marketing

Join the Board

NwSG board members are passionate about becoming working writers and see NwSG as a gateway to success. They are deeply committed to NwSG’s growth and prosperity, and back it up with accountability. In exchange, board members wield unique influence over the direction of NwSG. They have final say over which industry VIPs are invited to the Northwest, and gain access to closed networking events with those guests, among many other perks.


Board Positions


President: Steers the ship, drives board meetings, sets the agendas, and appoints committee chairs. In addition, the president serves as the face of the organization at public events.


Vice President: Performs duties of the president in his/her absence. Shadows president in anticipation of one day taking over the position.


Secretary: Custodian of all guild records and documents, except those of a financial nature. The Secretary keeps meeting minutes and works with president to prepare all state and federal documents.


Treasurer: Manages guild revenues and expenditures, keeping track of every penny coming in and going out.


If you’re interested in joining the board, the first step is to¬†attend one of our monthly meetings.

Committee Chairs

In addition to board positions, our Committee Chairs are vital to the success of NwSG and allow individuals to create the type of organization they want.


  • Events Chair: Most influential position at NwSG after the President. Plans our educational and social events with help from the events team.
  • Membership: Maintain and update our active membership database, including adding new members and queuing up renewal notifications.
  • Compendium: Review Compendium submissions and arrange pitch meetings to determine admission to this exclusive group.
  • Marketing: Handle NwSG’s active and prospective member outreach, from monthly newsletters to management of our social media presence.