The newest generation of filmmakers will be pivotal. They consume—and create—film and video in huge volumes, in dozens of formats, on at least five form factors. The technological barriers to filmmaking have been reduced to nearly nothing, and so many of the old rules about when, where, and how audiences will watch film have been shredded. These filmmakers will be at the leading edge of reinventing this industry yet again. We are here to help them get down to business.


The mission of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild is to promote professional screenwriting as a career across a broad range of ages, ethnic and gender identities, and experience levels in the Pacific Northwest, by providing access to industry professionals, educational programs, and mentoring.

The Northwest Screenwriters Guild

The Northwest Screenwriters Guild is a 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to advancing the careers of screenwriters, filling a major gap in the education and training available to screenwriters and filmmakers from across the spectrum, namely, how to take care of the business side of show business.

Whether it’s a web series, TV, or feature films, breaking into the industry can be harder than writing the great script or making the great short film. While the barriers to filmmaking have crumbled, the barriers to becoming a professional filmmaker are as high as ever. To learn more, review the NwSG bylaws that govern the board.

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