The Seattle Film Summit is back, stronger than ever, and NwSG is excited to be a partner for the 2021 Hybrid event September 3-11!


This year’s event will feature both online programming and an in-person event (September 11) at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington in Renton, WA. To register click here.


NwSG-sponsored highlights:
The annual Pitch Panel. Get your video in before the deadline May 31st!
The Shorts Competition, free for all NwSG members to enter! Prizes include table reads for the top 6 scripts. Final deadline June 30th.


This new hybrid format lets you connect and meet the people who can give your career a boost. Either through online programming or in-person networking, the Summit combines the art and business of filmmaking to advance the funding, creation, and distribution of stories that reflect our culture in the Pacific Northwest. We ARE the creative economy.