New meetup for scene analysis


Contact Wally: awallylane(at) for more information.


Long-time Northwest Screenwriter Guild member and former board member Wally Lane has started a scene analysis group that meets weekly in Seattle.  It’s free and open to all.

Here are the details from Wally:


First and foremost, to assist fellow screenwriters hone the craft of writing scenes—both action and dialogue—that are cinematic, engaging and correctly formatted.

And thus help our screenplays make it to “the top of the Reader’s pile.”

How it works

  1. Bring some scenes or a sequence (3-4 pages) from your screenplay.
  2. Together, we do a table read (aloud) of your material, then critique and offer suggestions.


Nothing (unless you care to purchase affordable food &/drinks on-site).


  1. A chance to hear portions of your work read (by real people, not the Final Draft robot).
  2. Receive suggestions to improve the material, point out errors and/or problem areas, and how to correct them.

Group Schedule/Location

Every Wednesday
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
College Inn Pub
4006 University Way, Seattle, WA 98105
If interested, contact Wally: awallylane(at)

21+ in person
Contact Wally for dial in option

This is a free event and it is open to all screenwriters… we welcome pros and tyros alike.

First Rule of the SSAG: Treat other screenwriters as you’d like to be treated.

Our mutual aim is to improve our skills (not hurt someone’s feelings).

We can be constructive and civil at the same time.

In other words, play nice and be friendly.

8 comments on “New meetup for scene analysis

  1. This would be a good event to attend on a regular basis if it took place in a central location, like downtown, where people could go straight from work. Not sure about the current location.

  2. Thanks, I’ll pass this along regarding other options. Seattle traffic makes any location challenging. Light rail from downtown (Westlake Center) to the U District is 8 minutes, and you can transfer to a bus within minutes. If you have your car, there’s ample street parking near the cafe.

  3. Is there a tech option. I live in Kennewick, Tri-Cities. Getting to Seattle every Wednesday is not an option.

    I am looking into a local group for screenwriters more remote from Seattle. Do you have a recommended reference for do and don’t guidelines for giving and taking comments?

  4. Hi Julia and welcome to the NwSG! Yes, this weekly meetup regularly draws a good crowd and all are welcome.

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