Compendium level: Pitch to industry pros

Join the Northwest Screenwriters Guild

We operate under a new philosophy: a script is not enough.

Compendium members can meet and pitch to successful producers, directors, creative executives, managers, and agents from all sectors of the business: Videos for the web and wearables, films on the big screen, and everything in between. Our guests are industry professionals from Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, and from right here in the Northwest.

Compendium members are the NWSG’s ambassadors and represent our brand. We impose high quality standards on them, putting on our best face to the industry.

Compendium membership requires submission of a screenplay for approval by the Compendium committee, to ensure it meets industry standards for screenwriting competence, and additionally will require the writer to successfully pitch the project live to a panel comprised of Committee members.

All members who desire to be included in the Compendium, including the Board, will be required to submit to this process. Involvement in the previous Compendium does not ensure acceptance into the current Compendium.

Learn more about the Compendium process..