The Summit Community Development Project: Online Table Read - George Laws

🌟 Big News 🌟 George Laws Has Scored A Spot With The Summit For His Latest Screenplay!

“🌟 BIG NEWS! 🌟

Our very own NWSG star, George Laws, has scored a spot with the Summit for his latest screenplay!

🚀Dive into the action by August 6th and be a table reader for this thrilling project!

Interested? Shoot George an email at with your desired role. Don’t miss this chance to shine alongside an upcoming hit!”

The Summit Community Development Project: Online Table Read

Ben Andrews




 August 6th at 6:00 p.m.

 We will be doing the first table read of our Community Development project winner George Washington Laws script on Sunday, August 6th, at 6:00 PM. This will be done online, and a link will be sent to you before the table read. More details can be found on Summit+.

 Working Title: In The Wake

 Logline: When a mass shooter evades authorities, a frustrated parent launches an investigation of their own.

Description: Chris, a grieving father with a checkered past, has lost his daughter to a mass shooting. The killer managed to escape, and frustrated with a lack of results from authorities, Chris has launched an investigation of his own. His wife Darcy is concerned with the rabbit hole he’s going down but tries to help to cope with her own misplaced guilt. Together they probe the depths of the extremist fringe, uncover a black market, and confront the people who are trying to hide the killer.

Please read the list of characters below. If you’re interested in reading, please submit a headshot/resume to George



Male, any race, late 20s to early 40s. Our protagonist. A grieving father who lost his child in a mass shooting. A tech worker with a checkered past, he used to be connected with fringe paramilitary groups before he cleaned up his life. Had his child in a previous marriage. Currently married to Darcy, who he’s known since college; they reconnected after his divorce and had a whirlwind romance that turned into a very functional marriage until tragedy struck. Has the Male Disease: self-isolates when he should reach out, hyper-focuses on solving a problem instead of processing it, feels he can only be secure by maintaining a capacity for violence, stuff he’d had under control until the loss of his child.


Female, any race, late 20s to early 40s. Our deuteragonist.Chris’s spouse, now dealing with his breakdown and the loss of her stepchild. A literary agent with a driven, proactive personality covering some personal insecurities. Hyper self-aware, but generally charming, firm in her beliefs, and straightforward. She enjoyed being a stepmom, but now she feels misplaced guilt for the loss happening on “her watch”. She worked hard at building a fulfilling relationship and now fears losing it all.


Male, late 20s to 50s. Our primary antagonist. A media-hungry corrupt sheriff flirting with extremists. A cynic through-and-through, to him ideology and prejudice are game pieces to be moved into position on the board of personal ambition; he is the type to think this makes him a “realist” rather than an opportunist.


30s to 50s, an FBI agent with a reformist bent. A voice of reason, world-weary but still carries a patient idealism.


Male, late 20s to late 30s. The booth manager for dooms day prepper supply company “BUNKER BROS”. A member of the extremist fringe of the survivalist community who acts as a link between the two. A middle manager sort, he is the sort of rube who doesn’t think he’s a rube, he gives enough orders that he doesn’t realize how many he’s taking.


Male, late 20s to early 40s. A foot soldier of the lunatic fringe, MARTIN’S right hand man. The sort of dude who tried to give poetry to girls in high school because he saw a movie that said to do that, but unlike me, when this went bad he still thinks the problem was her. Now he’s jacked, packing, and wears tactical mesh. There but for the grace of God.


Somebody’s accountant in combat gear. One of the guards at the shooter’s hideout with MARTIN and FRANK. Packs a handful of mods with a gun attached to them. Non-speaking role.


A bright-eyed bushy-tailed dupe hosting one of those astroturfed video podcasts with a budget an order of magnitude greater than its view count.


Delivering details of the mass shooting.


At a survivalist convention, hawking a bizarre product based on something I actually saw and have only mildly exaggerated.


A fringe YouTuber talking about surveillance.


Voice only, reporting an incident to Agent Rogers.


Working for Agent Rogers.


 THE SHOOTER (Non-speaking role)

Male, late teens to early 20s. Any killer, ideologically brainwashed, self-obsessed, or psychotic as you like. They are a catalyst, the story’s focus is on their victims.



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