The Rendezvous

2322 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122

March 26th 3:30pm

Free to All



Working in Hollywood
without Living in Hollywood

Join us for an facilitated discussion about creating a career away from Hollywood.  We'll  share what we have learned about the screenwriting biz and compare notes on what works with other writers.  

March 26, 3:30pm at The Rendezvous 2322 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

This event is free to all.

Future Discussions:
April 30th Last Sunday Discussion: Writer / director dilemmas.
May 26th Last Sunday Discussion: Attracting indie producers.
June 25th Last Sunday Discussion: Seattle International Film Festival.

If you have a topic you are interested in discussing with other writers or would be willing to volunteer as facilitator for one or more of these events, please email Staci at and tell us what specific date you are available for and/or what topic you would like to discuss. 

Future Events



Look Book Workshop Reprise

Instructors Geof Miller and Troy Hunter
Back by popular demand. Geof Miller teaches students the why and how of making a Look Book to accompany your script.

Cost $25/day non members
Members Free

Anticipated in April with date and time TBD.

Preparing for Your Pitch Reprise

Instructor Betty Kim - Featured in Blake Snyder's Save the Cat Strikes Back.
Back by popular demand. Students in this class will learn the basics of pitching and will have the opportunity to practice their pitches, get notes, and improve their technique.  This is an excellent class for members interested in joining  the NWSG Compendium.

Cost $25/day non members
Members free

Anticipated in early May with date and time TBD.